Stepping Forward
The 8th Student Council
United we stand, divided we fall

Dorothy Pei Jia Jia
Ng Elisa
Xiang Ting Ting
Joel Chan Chi Keng
Head of Functions Committee:
Gavin Chew Kai Wen
Head of Discipline Committee:
Shaun Low Kuang Luck
Head of Publicity Committee:
Theon Teo Zheng Yong
Head of Welfare & Logistics Committee:
Gan Zi Yang

Student Councillors
leaders of tomorrow

Discipline Committee
Suu Le Min
Khoo Xue Ni
Tan Xin Yi
Wendy Leow Wan Wen
Lee Sher Hui
Tan Min Zhen Rebecca
Ng Wei Ling, Sonia
Rachel Ng Sioh Hwee
Jonathan Tan Hao Kwang

Functions Committee
Abdul Fatah B Muhamad Abdul H
Ashley Lim Xin Yi
Foo Junhao
Amy Amelyn
Andy Koh Eng Yew
Ouyang Shan
Ng Jun Jie
Wee Poh Hsien

Publicity Committee
Zachary Phua Jun Wei
Nursarah Nadia Bte Abdul Manaf
Kinston John Herald
Kelvin Tan Jun Sheng
Cheryl Lim
Bai Moyuan
Leonard Tan Jing Zhi
John Sathguru

Welfare and Logistics Committee
How Yan Ru, Trixie
Nurul Fatin Syazwani
Lee Yan Ling
Ong Yan Fang, Amelia
Hoo Ling Yin
Chua Xin Lin Amanda
Tan Yi Ning
Edmund Tan

Let's thrash it out!

the footprints

7th HYSC
Tan Teng Fong Rebecca
Ng Tao Guang
Siti Suhailah Bte Suhaimi
Toh Zi Yin
Chan Jian Shu Hayden
Felicia Teo Zi Yi
Chai Boon Hui
Ng Chun Siong
Annabelle Woo Xue Qi
Ashlea Chin Yean Leng
Chee Jiahui Eustacia
Cheow Kwan Wai
Cynthia Chin
Kang Wei Ting
Lee Kar Chuen
Ngia Jin Li Melissa
Nor Amielia Bte Adam
Pearlyn Tan Pei Ying
Tai Ngee Chia
Tan Yuan Zheng Paul
Teo Wei Jie
Zhao Xiaolin
6th HYSC
Low Xiao Hui Asterlero Jasmin
Rosamund Lim Shi Ni
Yee Si Yan Cherubim
Seow Wen Xuan
Koh Ying Chong
Lieu Shi Jie
Hamka Afiq Bin Mohamed
Kelly Png Jia Xing
Cheow Kwan Wai
Janniza Yee Pei Xian
Ong Yi Teck
Adela Ang Yu Ling
Ang Hui Min
Anna Chue Li Jia
Koh Ji Sheng
Tan Chun Chiang, Andy
Lin Sen
Wilson Soo De Jun
Chua Yi Hong
Amanda Low Yan Ting
Eraine Koh Yan Ting
Kieran Cheang Yu Rong
Chanelle Lum Mei Ting

5th HYSC
Angeline Ang
Emily Lim Hui Si
Hasif Irfan
Hendianto Lim
Kau Kok Yong
Lim Jian Ri
Lim Zheng Yang
Lin Huangyu
Loh Hui Ming
Matilda Tang Swee Sun
Michelle Lian Yi Xiu
Nelson Tan Wen Bin
Oon Chee Seng
Quah Rei Ting
Seow Wei Jie
Tan SiPei
Tan Sze Kim
Tay Bee Gim
Wong Yuen Zeng
Yam Wei Jian
Yeo Kai Xiong
Yeo Wei Lun
Yim Ka Hao
You XiXi

4th HYSC
Beatrice Lim
Caroline Huang
Jasmine Pang
Jerrick Ho
Lousie Han
Melinda Tan
Melvin Lee
Ng Kee Teng
Patrick Tay
Wee Shuo Ting
Susanna Tan
Tan Si Hao
Tang Hov Tyty

3rd HYSC.
Chia Kim Choo
Chia Yan Qing
Chin Xiang
Hor Zhi Xian
Kai Ting
Ong Yan Jie
Steven Khong
Wong Li Huan

2nd HYSC.
Chia Kim Choo
Fee See
Kai Xian
Ze Xun

1st HYSC

Teachers' Day (Sunday, September 5, 2010 / 12:07 AM)

Success is not measured by what you accomplish but by the opposition you have encountered, but the courage with which you have maintained the struggle against the overwhelming odds. YES WE DID IT! :D

Sincere gratitude, to the Organizing Team, Performers, Student Councillors,CEOs and the AVA Club for your pivotal efforts for making this celebration a SUCCESS!

(Tuesday, July 6, 2010 / 9:07 PM)

Design for the back of SC tee.

(Monday, May 31, 2010 / 12:42 AM)


Hi Councillors. You guys had did a great job for LASER CAMP. We would like to thank each and every one of you for a good job well done over the 2 days training programme. We had received good comments from the teachers for our hard work and they were impressed with the level of commitment and maturity displayed by all of you. Congratulations once again for flying the school flag high.

2. HYSC on NBL!
Rebecca Tan Teng Fong, president of the 7th Student council, masterpiece is on NBL website. Her masterpiece "Forging Friendship" was selected by Mrs Pan to participate for the competition. Please spend some time to take a look at it, and shall we portray the spirits as illustrated in the picture.Please rate it :D 5 stars!!!


MAKING THINGS HAPPEN (Sunday, May 23, 2010 / 10:47 PM)

Councillors, let make it a success for the 1st ever camp for the 7th Student Council, themed L.A.S.E.R. Laser represents Learning About Self/Social Awareness, Environmental Awareness and Reaching Out to the Community.This theme has been chosen in alignment with the opportunities and challenges faced by our students in the near future. Similar to a laser that produces a powerful beam of light that can be used as a tool for many functions, we believe in nurturing every child to be a leader who will impact others in their lives through their actions.

Please take ample rest to gear up for the 2 day 1 night camp. All the best councillors, and shall we ignite and propel towards the lighthouse of success!

LEAD with pride
SERVE with humility and
INSPIRE the young leaders.

(Tuesday, April 27, 2010 / 9:40 PM)

Quotes of the day:

"Real leaders are ordinary people with extraordinary determination" - Unknown

" He who has never learnt to obey can never be a good commander" - Aristotle

(Friday, April 16, 2010 / 9:41 PM)


1. On Sports day, Andy, Shi Jie, Ivan and Taoguang (in no running order) represented us, the Student Council for the CCA relay and came in second :D 3 Cheers for them for doing SC proud!

2. The three excos who are running for presidency are (again in no running order): Taoguang, Rebecca and Siti. Lets' support them and wish them all the best !!

This quote may sound cliche to us but it is still very relevant:
Leadership is action, NOT position.

(Friday, March 26, 2010 / 4:25 PM)

The results of the EXCO selection has been announced :) Our 7th Student Council EXCO members are: (in random order)

1. Siti
2. Rebecca
3. Zi Yin
4. Felicia
5. Ivan
6. Chun Siong
7. Tao Guang
8. Jian Shu

LET'S GIVE THEM OUR UTMOST SUPPORT as they will take over the management of the Student Council and bring it to greater heights ! 
Soon, they will be attending an interview for the Student Council Presidency Selection. WISH THEM GOOD LUCK! :D

"Leaders take turns to lead"